KEVIN.MURPHY Tournament 2022


  • For those salons who participated in last years tournament there are several features and changes being made as we strive to improve the functionality of the site and make the tournament more fair and fun for everyone.

Salon Leaderboard:

  • We will delay publishing overall sales to the salon leaderboard until the verification process is complete for the week. This will insure we are reporting accurate results to participants and will also make the performance of the site more stable.

Salon Sales Submission:

  • We have added additional features, such as a drop-down menu for picking quantities sold and an additional confirmation step for salons which should help eliminate errors and typos.

Submission Deadline:

  • Moved to Wednesday of the following week, giving salons an additional day to submit their results.

Non-Participating Stylists:

  • We have added the ability for salons to input sales for their stylists & staff that are not participating in Tournament, so that it’s easier to capture a salon’s total sales during the competition.

Weekly Prizes

  • To account for the additional submission and verification time we are adding to the Tournament timeline, we will no longer be awarding weekly performance prizes.
  • Each region however, will randomly select 1 salon and 1 stylist as weekly participation winners.

Halftime Prizes

  • Instead of weekly performance prizes, we are adding halftime prizes to the top 3 in each stylist and salon categories based on total performance from week 1 to 4.

Terms & Conditions Updates

  • If a stylist works in more than one salon, the stylist can be registered in multiple salons, but the stylist cannot collect results across multiple salons to compete in the stylist category.
  • Each salon that signs up for the KEVIN.MURPHY Tournament must be an individual salon with their own unique address. A chain of salons cannot compete collectively, but must be registered / signed up individually.
  • Only products sold by individual stylists to in-salon customers can be included in the KEVIN.MURPHY Tournament Submissions. Products sold online, in a webshop connected to the salon or through any 3rd party platforms cannot be submitted as sales in the KEVIN.MURPHY Tournament.